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Charity Mania Fundraiser Kicks off Tonight

Click Football Mania logo above to purchase tickets


Our league fundraiser kicks off today.  Each child will receive two paper tickets to sell from their team parents.  There will be additional tickets in the concession stand.  The tickets are $20 each and are based on the NFL games for the last 10 weeks of the NFL season.  Each week the purchaser of the ticket is eligible to win cash prizes and our league is GUARANTEED to have a cash prize winner each week.  Tickets are on sale now online as well via our website and will be posted on our facebook page.  Please go to facebook and share.  We are also having a contest for the child that sells the most tickets will receive $100 cash prize and the runner up will receive $50 cash prize.  You can also customize a fundraising page for your child that you can add their photo to and use that link to post to your facebook and to email to friends and family.  This will keep track of your childs online sales, however the leagues tab also keeps track of who the sellers are.  Please take a moment to watch the quick video so you will understand how this fundraiser works.  We have done this in the past and have sold out due to it being so popular.  I will send a separate email with instruction on how to customize a fundraising page for your child it is very simple and can be done in less than two minutes.

Thanks for your support!